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All Those Ends!

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

If you are at all like me, you LOVE to crochet, but HATE to weave in all those ends. Am I right?! You know I am!

I love to use many colors in my creations, and create single rows, or awesome squares with multiple colors. But, as you know, every color change means two ends; one at the beginning of the color and one at the end. Add to that any joining of squares and you can have hundreds of ends to secure when you are done, taking countless hours to complete. UGH!

I'm sure you can imagine all the ends involved in this!

Awhile ago I learned a process that eliminates one of these ends with each color change. That means half the amount of ends. It took me a little bit to master this process, and I know there are other processes as well, such as the Russian Join, but I find this method easier than that. I hope you will as well. I am going to demonstrate this for you in this tutorial. I am going to use a simple, small piece with extra long end pieces just for the sake of showing several stitches using this process. Ready? Let's go!

The main thing to remember in this weaving process is that you only incorporate the end in every other pass of the hook. Or, in the case of chains, every other chain that you make. Also, your end yarn should always be below or under your working yarn.

I made a simple piece to use for this with double crochet stitches. The first thing we need to do is add our new color, which you can do however you normally would do it through the first stitch on the row below. Then the fun begins. We need to chain 3 to turn and begin our new row. For this you need to have your working yarn and the end from the color you are adding. The end yarn should be below the working yarn.

(In the first picture you see how the working yarn should always be above the end. In the second picture you can see my hook under BOTH yarns ready to pull through my working yarn to make the first chain.)

You are going to take your hook under both yarns and pull thru your working yarn, as seen above. For the next chain you do NOT go under the end yarn, just chain as normal. For the third chain you go under both again, and pull through your working yarn again as shown above. We can now turn our work.

Now we are ready to start our row of double crochet. We will continue to work in our end as we go. We will take our hook under both yarns and go into our stitch below and pull up our working yarn as normal to begin a double crochet (DC). Pull on your end yarn a bit to tighten it up if it is lose. Then, just as in a normal DC, yarn over and pull through two loops on your hook. To finish the stitch go UNDER both yarns this time, and pull through your working yarn. TA-DA! You made the double stitch while weaving in the end. See pictures below.

(In the pictures you see the double crochet as it is being made. Step by step.)

You will continue using the method of under both yarn, not under the end, under both yarns, until that end yarn is completely woven in.

I made a video for you as well, which is below. It takes you through the double crochet process and then demonstrates a couple chain stitches for you.

I hope this helps you to cut your end weaving in half, and encourages you to tackle projects with more color changes and wild patterns.

Thank you for reading and watching!



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