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The Small (Mini) Mesh Stitch

If you have never used the small mesh stitch before, you are in for a surprise at just how easy it is, and the lovely fabric it creates. I love this stitch because it is a little lighter and has a nice drape. Here in Florida it is rare we need something too heavy, so this creates wonderful and simple lap blankets or shawls for those cooler days, or when a restaurant has the air on full blast and you are sitting in the cold spot.

In this example I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn and a 3.5mm hook. This stitch is adaptable to any weight yarn and the appropriate hook size to go with it.



SC-single crochet

SL-slip stitch



Chain however many stitches you need to be the desired size. (odd number)

Row 1: SC in the 2nd chain from hook and across to end. Chain two and turn

Row 2: Skip first stitch. SL in the next. *CH 2, skip ST, SL in next* Repeat * to * across. Chain two and turn.

Row 3: SL in first chain 2 space. Chain two and SL in next chain 2 space across to end. Chain two and turn.

Repeat row 3 until desired size is reached.

See the picture tutorial below for more information.


Start by creating a chain in the length desired for what you are making, being sure it is an odd number of stitches, In this example I started with 21 chains.

Turn, and beginning in 2nd chain SC across. This will be 20 stitches in my example size. CH two and turn.

Skip the first stitch and SL in the next stitch of your foundations chain. (shown in the next pic where the needle is pointing)

CH two and skip next stitch and SL in the next stitch. (Again, shown where the needle is pointing.

Continue CH two, SK stitch and SL in next all the way across to last stitch. Chain 2 and turn.

For this row we will SL in the chain 2 space of the row below. This space is shown by the needle.

Continue to Chain 2 and SL in the next chain space across to the end.

Just continue this row until the item you are making is the size you desire. You can then SC in each chain space and in each SL across the last row, and add a border of your choice if desired.

Happy Stitches!



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