"What we do for ourselves dies with us.  What we do for others and for the world remains and is immortal. "   Albert Pine

Thorns and Scratches

In addition to my love of crochet, I have a few other things, other than my family, that I enjoy. One of those things is plants and gardening. I grew up with wonderful gardens and fondly remember watering our garden with my dad. We grew great salad type things, THE BEST tomatoes, various kids of leaf lettuce, green onions, and tons of cucumbers. Sadly, here in Florida I have not had much luck with any of those things. The soil is so sandy and doesn't seem to support much of anything. People grow things in the winter with varying degrees of success. Summer here is too hot and too wet.

One thing that both my brother, Patrick, and I enjoy is various cactus and succulent plants. I guess that enjoyments really started years ago in our first home in Broadview, Illinois. Mom always had a lot of different plants, some of them succulents, some not. She had a table of some kind or another where she had plants. Indoors. When I first was on my own I had quite a collection of plants as well. And I have some now, as well. Both in my magic window, and outside.

First my magic window. The girls started calling a window in the kitchen where they grew up for a number of years my magic window. It seemed that anything and everything grew there. When we moved, it seemed I had lost that touch. My kitchen window was no longer magic, and I had limited success outdoors as well. Some things did fine for a time, but I was lost without growing things.

I am happy to report, in our latest place, the magic window in the kitchen has returned. It grows the most unbelievable African Violets. It seems to bloom almost continually. And by bloom, I mean it is taken over completely by flowers! Some have accused this of being a fake plant. I assure, it is not. Isn't it just lovely?

Also growing in this window is an orchid. This also bloomed for about two years straight. Right now it is only leaves, but we are anxiously awaiting it's return. There is also this crazy thing that always looks like it needs a haircut. HA! Come on now, you know I'm right. I'm going to draw a face on that pot. One of these days. It has grown so much this year. It started out in a little cup.

Then outside. We have a couple of gorgeous plants out near the street that were here when we moved in. With hubby's sweet care and patience with me, big smile, they are blooming and look great every spring, and again in the fall. One is a bougainvillea that vines and has gigantic thorns! I mean huge. The other is a crepe myrtle. Much less dangerous. HA!

Then, the main event. My cactus and succulents. Oh my. I adore them. So simply, so easy to care for. The one rack that I display them on we got super cheap from a lady on Facebook Marketplace and we painted it. The other we got the wood crates, again on Facebook, and painted and nailed them together. Both of them are on my porch on either side of the door.

They both have all kids of super prickly cactus and not so prickly succulents on them. They are all growing so much, and require so little care.

Some of the others are in the ground. Most of these are cuttings that I go from my brother, Patrick. The one, called a monstrous cactus, is from a plant that was my mom's. It is probably 25 years old. I have two of them.

The last picture in this group is the same cactus in the picture next to it. We picked it up at a garage sale we were driving by. It has grown that much in a year and was put in the ground today. The second picture is the piece of my mom's. It is growing quickly as well.

One of my favorites, and we have several of these, are these craze sharp, wild looking agave. They are VERY sharp. Ours are still babies, but they will be like the second picture one day!

Last, but not lease, is our new pineapple plant. This, too, is from my brother. He has been growing them for years now, and every year gets a pineapple. We just potted this baby up today after rooting it. If you want to learn more about how to do them, please, feel free to comment. All you have to do is log in. I would love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my other babies. More on other things I enjoy another day.

Thank you for reading.

Blessings, Sue

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