"What we do for ourselves dies with us.  What we do for others and for the world remains and is immortal. "   Albert Pine

We are Family

I thought it would be nice to introduce you to some of the other nuts on our tree that we affectionately call family.

My husband Rick is first. We me, believe it or not, on Facebook. Yep. We did. After talking on the phone for countless hours, many, MANY, prayers, and tons of letters he came down here to Florida from Pennsylvania. He was going to stay a couple day, but it ended up being a couple weeks. He went back up, and brought his daughter down to visit for a week, and we started planning a simple wedding. He came down the first time in early July, and we were married in October 2012. Quick? Yes. But it i was absolutely a God thing. We got married on the beach at sunset with my daughters from my first marriage and a few friends. Let me tell y'all. He has patience! He puts up with me! AND all the crazy that always seems to be happening in our lives. A saint I tell ya.

I have two beautiful young ladies from my first marriage. First, Sarah. She is now 26. She is a 1st grade teacher at a school in an underprivileged area. It has been an interesting and often difficult journey dealing with some of the issues that these kids have. She graduated from a wonderful program at USF that helps train teachers for these intercity kids, but nothing really prepares you fully for the challenges that come with any teaching job, let alone one with kids already struggling so much in life. She is engaged to a fantastic guy, Ryan, whom she met at school. He is a PE teacher. While he is now at another school just down the street, we are grateful for the year he was at the same school because now we will have a wonderful addition to our family come March 2019. Along with Ryan is Elmer, the beagle that they adopted, and their two cats, Ally and Abu, who lived with us a long time. Elmer's favorite person, other than his dad, Ryan, is grandpa Rick. We enjoy him immensely when he visits.

I am also blessed to have Amy, my 21 year old. Oh, my goodness can Amy make me laugh. The one lines that she come up with just do me in! She is stronger than strong, and deals with many things herself in life as well. She is currently working on starting school for sign language to become an interpreter for kids in need. I am always grateful for her laughter and the joy it brings.

Here's Amy.

We also have two cats. Anyone who lives with cats will understand how crazy that can be. I have a great story about Lily, so please, be sure to come back soon to read all about her absolute crazy. She is one for the books.

I hope you enjoyed meeting or family. You will hear much more. I guarantee.



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